What are the experiences you’ll always remember? Those you experience the first time. I planned our trip to Tampa driving the I-27 to allow my daughter Paulina to experience real driving. What was interesting it was that Dora and my other daughters started praying… from the bottom of their heart, it was also a pray full experience.

So I putted her on the wheel. On the beginning she didn’t want to try, so I encourage her and explained that I will be also handling the steering wheel and she accepted. A little nervous on the beginning but after few miles she was feeling confident, experiencing how to be on the Speed Limit, the wind effect of heavy vehicles passing on us, also she was required to pass on a slower vehicle. She drove almost a half hour and she was tired. But after a few, she was ready for few extra miles, this time more confident and exited about it. I’m sure she will always remember this day. I have to confess I was also praying and a little nervous too, but when you lead some one, you have to overpass your own fears, encourage and help them to walk in to their own journey.

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