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There are just few hours to start the “” series. We have been working at least for three months, planning, researching, designing, developing, doing tests, checking equipment, debugging, discarding by trial and error and we are almost there… at the beginning of a new adventure. Some of the equipment that we will be using is listed as follows:

  • One Panasonic 3 CCD digital camera
  • Two Sony Digital cameras with night view
  • One Sound Blaster USB Camera,
  • One wide angle lens
  • One Mac Book with Windows XP
  • One Dual Core Pentium D Computer with Windows XP
  • Three 10 Meter FireWire cables
  • One Verizon Wireless USB Modem
  • One external magnetic mount antenna
  • One Linksys router
  • Two heavy duty tripods
  • One tripod
  • One 1,500 Watts inverter
  • One 450 Amp Jump Start battery
  • One LED lamp
  • One Grip mounts for the camera
  • One ISP monitoring our Bandwidth on a fiber optical output to the net…
  • And a lot of cables, connectors, extensions, adapters and transceivers

All of this to run for five weeks 24 by 7 and be able to show what to be naked can be. Next Friday we will mount all the equipment at Troy’s house and we will realize a technical rehearsal on Saturday for the Launch Party and be ready for next Sunday 9 at 9 p.m. You cannot miss it! See you there…