Finally I started my family vacation, and to initiate my journey I got the Idea to get some waffles, orange juice, and some bread before a long day journey, so, if you are looking for a waffle breakfast, you go to Waffle House; Right? Wrong answer… we went to one of my family favorites places to have a nice breakfast, we got a really friendly waitress, some orange juice, and… then the waitress informed us that we could order anything from the menu, except for waffles. The Waffle machine was broken. We already were seated and with some juice in our hands, and suddenly we had to change our way of thinking. The choice was: To stand and walk out. May be being upset and look for some other place, or to explore the menu and order something else… I had to explain to the little ones that they had to order something else, first they were frustrated, but finally they agreed on a ham and egg wrap. We all enjoyed the breakfast and we observed frustrated people walking out, also a frustrated manager, trying to deal with the machine failure and the absence of few crew members… good lesson to start the day.

While I started driving on my way to the I-27 I was thinking how our way of thinking can change our mood and our day, we decided to adapt and seek the positive. Other think I experienced is what my pastor, Troy Gramling, always explains about execution. What you get today, is the result of your previous preparation. When you face a situation and you are not prepared for it, is too late to be prepared and you just have to deal with it as good as you can. So, how is your execution today?

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