A story to share

A story to share

Last weekend, my Pastor Troy Gramling teach about Marriage, and how important is to seek for the symptoms of what can be a massive “Heart Attack” and some suggestions on how to prevent it, if you missed it, check it at the FRC Archives.

My sister in law has been married for almost 10 years, Her husband was the one who introduced my beloved to me 12 years ago. Sadly she and her husband were having problems since the beginning of their relation fighting all the time. She accepted Christ a couple of years ago and she start praying for her husband, with no response, the problems grew and finally decided to end the relation and moved from California to Florida with her four kids. She came on faith and started attending Flamingo Road Church. On that period of time, her husband moved his eyes to Christ and accepted him as his savior, and he Fly from California to FL and he got baptized at FRC. That was their start of a new age on their marriage, they started conversations, and finally on December she moved back to California to fight again for her marriage. Since then they have been regularly attending a church with the whole family and all the kids. They found a retreat on FL, and they came as couple to the retreat. I was with them and I can see now how he is a complete transformed man, on his way to reach his potential, she keeps up the prayer for the marriage and together I’m sure that on the future they both will follow a call from God to help other couples in distress.

It is a great difference between having God in your marriage and don’t have it. Without God, your whole live is a fight, everyone is fighting to win, seeking satisfying their own needs and observing what is the other one doing. With God as the center of the marriage, you start seeking and satisfying your beloved one needs and you observe your own behavior. “I see what you need, I see what I do”.

This is a great opportunity for you to join us at Flamingo Road Church during “The Family Series”. There is always a lot of things that can help us to improve our life, to improve our marriage, and our relationships.

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