A storm before the calm!

Last night, just before the big party for my beloved Tania… I had a last minute running with the sound track for two of the songs, because the levels were distorted, I got a supposed professional company that was in charge of that, I gave them the first four tracks with the waltz, an intro, a praise song and a family waltz, and they were supposed to get the tracks for a couple of contemporary songs… Oh my gosh!, when I checked out the master it was so bad… thanks God, I got with me my Lap top and few blank CD’s and in a run I just got the tracks to be remixed equalized and burned out on a new master CD… Today it looks that is really complicated to get excellence from services providers. Some people don’t care about details… What makes the difference between ordinary and excellence? It is called “details”. I also believe of that difference is part of the “Fast food Live” that we are having… Some times we have to stop and rethink the way we are experiencing life, what are we doing with our relation with God, our relation with our family, how are we doing our work… are we seeking for details, or are we just doing an ordinary daily routine?

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