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I was four years old when my dad taught me to read. By that time, my older brother Pepe, was acquiring a weekly publication to build an illustrated encyclopedia. I remember the cover, it had an astronaut, and atom and it was colorful and attractive to read it. Since I learned to read, I started reading… the Encyclopedia. May be others kids were reading tales, but my first readings were about an incredible world. By some reason, the definition of the Atom, was really interesting to me, “Atom: The smallest particle of matter that cannot be divided. Consists of a Nucleus with protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons”… then I liked to repeat that out loud. You can imagine the surprise of the adults when they listened to me… after that, my dad was so proud of me, that when some one came to the house, he called me… “Don Arturo, please explain the Atom”, so I explained and then I was going back to my readings or my wall observations. Those were my main activities. I loved to read anything… since then.

By that time, my dad finished the main structure on our new house, and we moved from my Grandma’s house to our unfinished new house. Our dinning table was a construction piece of wood over some blocks and a plank over other blocks were our first chairs. I got a room just for me and my brother. My two sisters they had also their own room and my parents also had their own room. There was no door on any room, but we all had our own bed… at last.

Some of my first memories at that house were U.F.O’s… yes, Unidentified Flying Objects… flying plates, flying vases, flying tables… everything flown… When my dad was upset, he thrown away the table with all the objects on it… and that was the beginning of the terror age in my house. When the objects flown, we ran under any safe place, a table, a chair, anything… shaking and waiting for the storm to end.

Since he was trying to get better income, he tried to have some extra cabs and hired some drivers to get a better income, but it was a disaster, the drivers broke the cars, and things were not so on the way he wanted… and finally he decided to remain with one cab a Nissan 64.

He was raised catholic and every Sunday he took us to the Church, every single Sunday, no failure. After church he took us to Chapultepec Park or any other recreational area for us to play. Mom prepared sandwiches and hard eggs… it was a tradition. Some times we traveled north to see my Grand parents until my granddad Lalo pasted away.

My dad was a hard worker, he was always working and it was peace at home… until he came back…

Now it was the time for me to go to Elementary School… 1967, but… I already knew to read…

Something I always will be grateful with my dad it was that he gave me the love for reading. My pastor Troy Gramling is always encouraging us to read, to learn, to reach our God’s potential. Learning is something that begins when we born and it should end when we go to meet our creator…

This history will continue… five school years, five different schools…

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