There are few days in your life that will remain in your mind forever… they are called “Special moments”. Today was one of those. I met my son Jose Alejandro at noon, after a great walk at downtown Merida.

In all the years I came to visit Merida, I never had the opportunity to really walk the Zocalo (Name for the main plaza) and the surrounding streets.

I visited several stores and I found a beautiful guayabera (A traditional Yucatan shirt) and I decided to buy one for my son and one for me, to have dinner together, so we walked back to the store, chose two elegant guayaberas, he looks so cute!

After that, we went to see the house he lives in, from which he’ll be moving soon to a bigger house, he is now planning to do some business, and dreaming about the future.

After that, we went to Eladio’s, a traditional “Cantina” where you just order a drink and you get the “Botana” (Snacks) with the traditional Yucatecan cuisine. It’s funny how out of Mexico, most people believe that all we have is “Burritos”, hot pepper, rice and beans… but Mexico has plenty of great flavors, and the Yucatecan cuisine is one of the most delicious!

He took me to the dentist, (My cousin Liliana) and she fix a couple of problems I had, and I faced that challenge with courage… look at the picture!

We shared great memories, and then we took a drive to see some other places for future plans, and to see his school…

Then he took me back to my hotel to be ready for dinner, to dress up in my new guayabera, and we went to Trotter’s, a high cuisine restaurant, with Aida, his mother. We shared great time, great food and a moment that will remain forever.

It’s not the same to know that he lives somewhere, goes to some school and does some things, than to be there.

Happy birthday my beloved son.

Life is about being there…

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  1. Arturo, it is truly a joy to read your blog. I am so happy to see how you enjoy your family, your work and life. You are truly an inspiration to others. You are right, true Mexican food is wonderful and not anything like what we see as Mexican food here in the US. I have been blessed ot travel and enjoy true Mexican food both in restuarnats and the especially the street vendor’s goodies! Have a safe trip home.

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