During this trip to Mexico, I had the opportunity to visit my childhood park, called “El parque de los venados”. At this place, I expended many hours, from the age of 5 years old to 14. It was about one mile from my house. I took my little ones and shared with them few of the many histories I lived at that park. We went first to see the beautiful fountains, then we discover some painting attraction for kids and they also meet for a first time a mute woman, so I had the opportunity to share with them about the sign language, and why some people need that, also it was a great opportunity to give thanks to God for all the gifts that we have, the ability to talk, to listen, to see, to smell, to walk, gifts that we take for granted but for some people that is unreachable or just an impossible dream… after that we went to the play zone, they had tons of fun and then we went to some traditional attractions like the air rifles and the crystal balls contest… I love to have quality time with my family. The time you invest in your family today, will become a great asset for them in the future. What do you do to expend a nice family time?

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