This birthday is a great day to remember, first of all, God reminded me how much he loves me… then my beloved, my son, my daughters, my sisters, my family and friends also shared with me cards, gifts, e-mails and the most important thing… good wishes and encouraging words. At church after a magnificent weekend teaching we celebrated 524 lives transformed for eternity, 12 countries watching live services, and the continuous opportunity to serve others… Thanks God for all the blessings that we get every day! Thanks God for this first 47 existence years, thanks to my Beloved one for being supportive, loving and caring, thanks son for being a great son, thanks to my daughters for all the love they share with me, thanks to all my family for the good wishes and for being there, thanks to all my friends for allow me the privilege to be part of their lives… thanks to every one… thanks 🙂

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  1. Hello dear brother!

    I was pleased to read your BLOG and learn how nice you spend your birthday even you have to work a lot! I like very much the picture with your daughter; she looks so pretty and have so beautiful happy smile; please give my regards to your wife and if possible could you put next time a picture with all your family, I will love to see it; I wish you a nice day !

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