Eight years ago, I arrived to my friends Alberto’s house with my one day old new born Sol not knowing what the next day would have for me and my family… few days before we made a decision: To walk by faith and to follow God’s call in our lives. On march 11, 2008 we packed our clothes, and we started driving north, knowing that God will do something our lives. Dora was entering on her eight month of pregnancy and I had an invitation to work on Nayarit State but I wasn’t sure that was our destiny. On our way I received a call from a Friend inviting us to El Paso, Tx to fix some equipment and we were driving north, so . Once we were there, this friend invited us to go to Florida, and he suggested that will be a great place for my future baby to be born, so we started a new journey to Florida, the baby was supposed to be born around the 28th, and we traveled with confidence, enjoying the journey and stopping by at any interesting place. We wanted to go to a Park in Orlando, so we decided to expend the night there, go to a park and then continue to Fort Lauderdale… but God had different plans… on that Night, Dora started feeling the delivery pain and I called 911, they took her to a great hospital and few hours later, Sol was born. Just like that… and few more hours later we were on the car, with a new passenger. When we arrived to Alberto’s house, he was expecting us and took us to a nice house were he prepared for us everything, even a crib for Sol… God uses people to extend his blessings to us. Thanks God!

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