One year ago, I met Deanna and Gonzalo, a young couple who was seeking wedding information, they where planning to get married. I gave them all the information, requirements and also we started a couple’s seminar that I usually give to the married couples. Marriage is the most important project on a humans life, is the fusion of two different elements onto a new one.

Imagine this: You know in your heart that you want to be an architect, you love to design, you know that you have the potential to be not a good one, but a great one. You decided to go to the University fill out the application, sign your enrollment, and in that moment, get your diploma, you start looking for work, with your brand new title, they assign you to develop and build a nice complex… and you got all the enthusiasm, the feeling… but cero knowledge… after you got the project, you start studying and trying to accomplish the task at the same time… what will be the result? You’ll be lucky if you can get any progress on the project, but worst yet, you can fall on several failures or mistakes due to your lack of experience (or your abundance of inexperience).

How does this sound? Crazy? Foolish? Unwise? Likewise we jump on to our most important adventure in life on that way… we fill out the application, plan the ceremony, invite our guests and you get your “Diploma”. We get married just like that. And I’m bringing this, because Deanna and Gonzalo planned their wedding One year ago. Today I was privileged to officiate the ceremony to accomplish what they where dreaming; to become man and wife and to start a life together. They took the couples seminar learning about the differences between man and woman, the cultural differences (He is from Spain and she from Colombia), the financial planning and the spiritual foundation for their marriage, they even wrote their own vows.

Today, they get married; one year later. Everything was perfect, the weather, the place, the ceremony, the pastor (It was me…lol), the reception, the music and the fun… I’m sure they decided to go and paint their house with green (check Troy’s teaching about yellow and blue). They decided to be close to God. I’m sure they will face difficulties as any marriage, but having an understanding of each other and God on the middle of their marriage will make them a long lasting couple. God bless them.

Every time I witness a marriage, I thank God for Dora. She has been my partner, my love, my companion and my inspiration to rediscover love every day. Marriage is about to renew the commitment we made before God every day, partnering with each other, with mutual respect, support and understanding that God created us to reach our greatest potential as a couple. Dora, I love you.

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