I always liked photography. Since I was a Kid, I learn how to take Pictures, about exposure, light, Iso, Field Deep and so for. I build my own dark room and I remember that I worked like crazy to buy my first camera, to buy my first film roll and my first chemicals, then my second challenge was to get my own enlarger, that I got it few weeks later. It was a lot of fun for me and I became and amateur photographer. Whenever was possible I upgraded my equipment and accessories. I always kept my equipment safe, clean, secured. I was really jealous about to borrow any of my cameras or accessories to anybody.

Is incredible what happens when the time goes one. On the last two years I neglected to secure my stuff and some of my equipment changed ownership, 3 Digital Video Recorders and two digital still cameras. I was upset because at some point I uncared for, and some one else got it.

Recently I wanted to acquire a new still camera in order to use my old Minolta Lenses and accessories and after a fight between price, priorities and need… I decided to get a new Sony Alpha with 10 Megapixels, and this time I prayed (really) to God to help me to keep this camera secured.

Few days ago I received a phone call from the sheriff’s office at Weston, and it was a detective asking me if I own a Professional Camera, and if can I describe it… I immediately remembered that previous night I leave my camera on the car under the seat, I described and he told me that they catch a group of kids opening cars and taking things… and I was one of the victims… I was thankful to God, because even when I neglected once more, even before I noticed, God keep it safe. I just pray for those kids, and for the parents, to understand the importance to keep an open eye on our kids activities and friends.

When I was getting my camera and other stuff they took from my car, I ask the Detective how they find me, and he explained to me that they check on the camera’s pictures and there was one picture with a guy holding a certificate with a name on it, they seek for the name and it was a Weston address so they called me to see if it was me… The picture… it was the day I get my ordaining certificate from FRC…

From that story I learned few things:

One: Reminded me that we have to be careful to secure our things. This will prevent temptations for others.

Two: To value the police efforts not giving up getting the owners of the stolen goods

Three: Remember how important is to include God in our small things, like I prayed for God to protect that camera.

Four: Those kids messed up with the wrong camera.

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