Real Food…

Yesterday I went to eat with a very good friend seeking for a Healthy place to eat, and we found a Salads Place… and we got a mmm… delicious Salad, healthy, nutritious, but before start eating I was wondering if that is enough to have my body running, and I just remember, that some like […]

The Real Gioconda

On the XVI Century, Leonardo Da Vincy created the Master Piece “La Gioconda” and it was the prototype of Renaissance. Last week we went to Key West and I got a picture that was my own and personal Gioconda, so here is my own graphical version of it. This is one of my three Master […]

Key West

Yesterday was President’s day in US, so we had an opportunity to have a quick day off, and since we have been at Florida for almost 9 years now, and we have never visited The Keys, we drove all the way down to Key West, it was a fun experience, we had an opportunity to […]

A story to share

Last weekend, my Pastor Troy Gramling teach about Marriage, and how important is to seek for the symptoms of what can be a massive “Heart Attack” and some suggestions on how to prevent it, if you missed it, check it at the FRC Archives. My sister in law has been married for almost 10 years, […]

Common sense

While I was loading the container today, I experienced the result of react, instead of act. I start passing the boxes to a friend who was helping me, and at some point we piled up the boxes on the Dolly to take it to the container, when we saw it, we just laugh about our […]