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Moving out…

It’s funny, I started my day with Romans 12, later on my pastor had a meeting with the lead team sharing the same chapter, and two people more called me today about the same scripture… Is God talking to me? I think so. I’m on the middle of a complex moving...

Night Camping

There is a lot of fun on outside camping when you are a kid. All you need is a tent, some grass, and a lot of imagination. Sol and Sarai, decided to camp outside tonight to enjoy the open sky and to see the stars, the Orion Belt and other constellations. They got a...

Our Family Ethos:

At Flamingo Road Church we encourage our staff and volunteers to live accordingly to FRC Ethos:Diversity: Is there someone not like me?Movement: Which direction am I going?Collaboration: Who am I doing life with?Potential: Is this the best that I can do?Environment:...

Lunch buddy

Today I got a lunch invitation from a very special and beloved person, I´m talking about Sarai, my littlest one, she also invited her sister Sol and we were able to have lunch together. I’m glad I can have this opportunity often, I really enjoy having lunch...

History Today!

History is being written every day and today it was a historical day. Barack Obama protested as the 44th president of the United States. Competition concluded, now is time to work. Democrat or Republican, the competition is done. 2009 it is a challenging year and as I...
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