2009 A year of opportunity

This is me 10 years ago, and now… I was checking some of my old pictures; every one is a memory, a moment in my life… It is good to look to your past, and get some nice memories; it is also good to remember what helped you, on the past, as well as what refrained you from achieving some goal, to pursuit some dream, in one sentence… to reach your God’s potential… Why am I talking about this? Because I’m been thinking on the current situation, worldwide… and this is a challenging moment for everyone… you can see this as a problem, or you can see it as an opportunity. When everything is good, I can relax, I can be on my comfort zone, but when difficulties come, I prefer to stand and fight for my family, for my beliefs, seizing the opportunity that will come and getting ready for that moment… that’s why your past has a great value. It is called “Experience” so this is not a time to relax and enjoy our memories, it is time for action. Difficulties help us to hoist our creativity, so get ready for a great year! Happy New Year 2009.
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2 responses to “2009 A year of opportunity”

  1. OK, Pastor, 4 things:
    1. You look GREAT! Good genes, cause you haven’t aged!!
    2. Thank you for blogging again. I”ve stopped by many-a-time and missed reading your posts.
    3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog look (wanna help me w/ mine?)
    4. Yes, difficulties DO hoist our creativity. That was a great line, Arturo. So simple yet so profound.


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