Social Networking, YoVille and Facebook.

I’m being playing around with the Social Network Application YoVille at Facebook, and it is really interesting how one million plus people play this game. The game was recently buyed by Zinga Inc and every day there is more and more people who decided to interact only trough a computer. Games are only an example […]


Today I start reading a good Book: Groundswell, a book about winning in a world transformed by social technologies. A well explained web 2.0 that allow the reader to understand how to infiltrate onto the social networks on the Internet with the existing tools and the future of the marketing worldwide. At least, the two […]

Talking about Disaster…

Today, my beloved dughter Tania asked me to take her to watch a Movie. I always enjoy watching a movie with my daugther, so I took Dora and the girls to see the requested movie. The title of the Movie, Disaster Movie… Here’s what they got right: The name of the movie. Disaster, indeed. I […]