Something to Blog about…

What do I have to do to reach my potential? Today, my pastor, Troy Gramling shared with us about four things we have to do to continue our potential journey: First thing: Get readyJoshua 1:1-2 1 After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, the LORD said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ […]

Not from my perspective

Today’s society is getting us so focused on ourselves that we think most of the time about situations from only our own perspective. What if we could get some kind of glasses to see others perspective about life, or things they are experiencing? I got this video and I just want to share it with […]

A visit to the National Anthropological Museum, Mexico

Part of my heritage is Mexican… the history of Mexico and it’s culture is represented in the National Anthropological Museum in Chapultepec Park. On the last day visiting my family we decided to immerse ourselves in culture and knowledge, so we all I headed off to the museum. We found great wonders there! An area […]

A 22 years old Video :)

A video recorded 22 years ago, my son was almost one year old…Jose Alejandro, Agosto del 86 from Arturo De la Mora on Vimeo.

The Big Day!

Last night was the BIG night, the culmination of several months of preparation, rehearsals, work, reviews and more… from the beginning to the end, the party with an 201 guests attendance was a complete success, my daughter was plenty of happiness… all night she smiled and enjoyed every single minute, from the waltz to the […]

A storm before the calm!

Last night, just before the big party for my beloved Tania… I had a last minute running with the sound track for two of the songs, because the levels were distorted, I got a supposed professional company that was in charge of that, I gave them the first four tracks with the waltz, an intro, […]

Today is the Big Day

Everything is ready, in just a few hours we will have the big XV Anos Party… Hair dresser is working on Dora, Tania, Sol, Paulina and Sarai… How complicated is for woman to go to a party… they MUST have a new dress, a new hair style, a complete outfit, hours for make up, for […]