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All I can say today is…. Ouch… I will never eat Chicharron at the streets… no matter how tasty or great it looks…. Ooooouch…. Fever is gone…

Moctezuma’s Revenge

During my visit to the Deer’s Park I ate a Delicious “Chicharron con Chile, Limon y Sal”, and after few hours I got a great discovery: My defenses against Mexican viruses are now weak… I start having a deep stomach pain, fever and other disgusting secondary effects, I called my Doctor and after I described […]

A day at Deer’s Park

During this trip to Mexico, I had the opportunity to visit my childhood park, called “El parque de los venados”. At this place, I expended many hours, from the age of 5 years old to 14. It was about one mile from my house. I took my little ones and shared with them few of […]

Light’s, Camera… and… Makeup!

Today it was the make up and hair test for Tania… the day is coming really fast, so she was for hours deciding between some hair style and other… and when I mean hours I really mean it. From 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. and then a dress check to discover that the dress was […]

Getting Ready

Since Tania came to Mexico, she has been rehearsing for few dances… learning the routine… 5, 6, 7, 8… Step forward… Step back, turn, turn, step, step… and day by day she practice once, twice and many times more… following directions, submitting to the instructor and choreographer. For me it is a great learning for […]

Sarai’s 7th Birthday celebration

Well, finally Sarai got 7 years old last week, but because I was at Miami, we decided to celebrate on my arrival to Mexico, we just invite close relatives, Dora’s sisters and few friends… it was a lot of fun, a beautiful piñata a large selection of home made cazuelas with Chicharron, Tinga, Chicken, Beef, […]

The City of the Palaces

I love to fly and to watch trough the window the landscape. When the plane made the approach to Mexico City, I took this picture. The visibility was so low, that it looked like London on a foggy day, but sadly it is just pollution, and it was a “clear” day. I was born in […]

Babies grow…

The clock is always ticking and time goes by… some times looks like our life occurs in a blink, our kids grow, yesterday they were a little kids and then, suddenly they grow… In Mexico we have a tradition that is the “Quince años” celebration. It came from an old practice where the high society […]

A colorful heritage…

I was reading a post from Heater Palacios at about some Jersey she was watching at Peru, and finally she got a Mexican one… this lead me to remember of some of my roots… Mexico is a country full of color, and part of that color comes from the artisan hands of people who […]

Rusty but…

I found this great photo and I was thinking about the things we experience in our lives, like our force, our strength, our abilities, and there is a stated on the Second Law of Thermodynamic that we are going from new to old, from shiny to rusty, from useful to obsolete and that is a […]