One more flea to the dog!

All right Blogville, today I started a whole new blog that will be all about to have a live streaming video/audio experience. What is technically required? How to set it up? and more interesting nerdy gears… I named it and I’ll be having fun posting on how to create a Live Campus on the […]

Memorial Day at the beach!

Memorial day was a perfect opportunity to have some family time at the Beach, so I planned a trip to the Cays, depart @ 6:00 a.m., drive, have fun, and so for… but… everyone wanted to sleep a little more… so my older princess were awake almost at noon… so instead of the Cays we […]

Signal Light

Today I went to visit my insurance agent… look at the picture… no comments! LOL… 🙂

The I-Marriage… a small group about marriage!

Last Night we had a small Group Meeting for Couples at my house. This is the third week on a row we are doing that. We meet and we are following a series called the I-Marriage, and on a very effective way is touching some fundamentals on marriage today. Based on Dreams, Ilusions and expectations, […]


Yesterday I went to Expolit, I paid at the parking lot, I parked on a regular spot, and walked in to the expo. By noon, when I was looking for my car, it was not there, and there was a lot of News Vans, with antennas and broadcasting equipement, so on the next few minutes, […]

Look a like….

Well… few weeks ago, the I-pastor Brian Vasil launched a campaing about different Heredes impersonations… until some one else find another “Look a Like”… Arnold found this picture, and I just put it together… so your votes… who looks like who? Here is some of the Graphic History

Fasten your Seat Belt! … please????

Today, while I was driving, I start listening to the anointing sound of beep… beep… beep… and the light on my car’s odometer blinking as a reminder to fasten my seat belt… so I completed the task and the sound stopped and the ligh was off, then I start thinking about my daughters, the two […]

Drive Thru express Car Wash

Today I had the funniest car wash I ever had. The church youth ministry organized a drive thru car wash for only 5 buck. As soon as you drove in, a complete army of happy kids having fun, start rinsing, soaking and cleaning your car… faster than any other drive thru and with a great […]

A new family member…

Well, it has been a long time since my last post, but here I am updating my blog… there have been a lot of things happening… Meetings, projects, friends leaving… so… I have many things to write about… but something that really is moving my world around is… a new family member… Let me introduce […]