High-End technology

Last night, Troy Gramling, my pastor launched the first on line staff meeting. Here on campus there were only few volunteers helping with cameras, the tech team and the Internet Campus team. Everyone else was at home, or Starbucks or anywhere else watching on their computers. Troy is sharing the vision of being able to […]

Getting smiles!

Last Sunday, before we get back from Orlando, we went to the City Walk at Universal to have lunch and we took the boat ride to the Hard Rock Hotel. The hotel is beautiful and you can feel a good leadership managing the hotel, since you arrive. Smiling faces welcoming you, consistently all over the […]

Are you ill? get some remedies…

Last weekend I went with the family to Orlando, to support Paulina, my oldest daughter and during the travel I had some time to get some insights while I was driving, and I remembered when my Grandma Martha told a history of a woman that when she was sick, she walked in front of the […]

Oh Dam!

In our travel to Vegas with the FRC Video-Production-Tech team on our last day we had few free hours that we expended wisely, we visited the Hoover Dam, which is one of the greatest human made structures made between 1931 and 1935 and it is capable to generate more than two thousand megawatts that are […]

Control Freak…

One of the weakness of myself is that I’m a control freak, I want to know everything, I want to understand all, to know where are we going, to be the driver on a car, and so on and on… since I discovered that weakness I try to allow others to take control… well, this […]

What happens in Vegas…

There is a popular phrase that said “What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas” and for the last few day I’m been walking like crazy visiting the NAB show (A convention for Broadcasters and all Media related services) and I’m one more of the 150,000 visitors looking for innovative technology. The changes experienced by technolgy […]

2008 Princess…

In 2008 my modern princess has a different outfit than the traditional princess, don’t you think so?

The inner child

Walt Disney created many famous characters and for several generations, the Mouse and his gang have been entertaining people all over the world. Today I went with my beloved to see Disney on Ice, with my little ones and guess what… with my teen agers too! The whole family 🙂 We laugh and enjoy two […]