At Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico.

To travel from Mexico City to Morelia on the past it was a 8-9 hour trip on a very sinuous two way road, but on the last few years the Mexican Government allowed some companies to build a highway. Result: Mexico-Morelia today, just 3 hours on a very good highway. I’m explaining all of this, […]

My Friend Yves

On my trip to Mexico I had the opportunity to expend some time with Yves Leroy Moriseau, an excellent gynecologist and a great friend. We have been friends for the last 24 years. He delivered my son Jose Alejandro 23 years ago and has been with me on my worst moments. What do you need […]

La Casa del Sol (The house of the Sun)

I visited today a little house I have in Mexico, near to Cuernavaca and Tepoztlan, My brother Jose Antonio named the complex with few little houses we built to retire there some day as “Quinta Sol” to honor my mother, and I named my house “La casa del Sol”, and I started collecting sun figures… […]

The falling Star

While we were at “La Sarana Ranch” I was observing the sky…. it was UNIQUE… like all God’s creation… and I had the opportunity to observe a falling star… I capture the sky with my Sony camera, but the falling star was a gift from God to me…


Technology is great to be in contact with our beloved ones, few years ago, our family was divided by the distance, but thanks to messengers, chats and videoconference programs we have been in contact… but two days ago, I had the opportunity to meet with my sisters Tony, Paty and Martha and my brother Jose […]

Intimate pictures…

You can see the sound… or better said, you can see WITH sound. The ecograms are now every day use technology and is use to have really intimate pictures. Here are my most recent ones. I believe what doctor said… “There everything looks normal”

What if…

What if today is your last day? Have you reached what God has for you? Have you said I love you to the people you love? Have you cleaned your drawer? What are you carrying with you? Love…Patience… Forgiveness… Good Memories… Happiness? Or what? Regrets? You won’t have extra time when your clock rings… and […]

A day of forgiveness!

On 1985 I was having my jump start on production; I started working few months earlier for a new production company: TVFILMS, we got our first project: A baby shampoo and it was a huge project. We needed to recreate “Snow White” ambience, and to build a safe pool for few happy babies that will […]

Who taught them?

What to you notice on this picture? There is a little bird. Few days ago, I was waiting for an insurance agency to be open, while I waited I observed a little bird who was getting little branches… pieces of grass one, two times, and more… He was getting construction materials for his beloved… while […]