One small step for man

On July 20, 1969 My father came to the house and turned on the TV… Man landed in the Moon! He said. And we seat and watched a historical moment. The first words… “One small step for man, a great leap for humanity”… Why am I writing this today? Because I’m feeling that way… every […]


When sickness reach us is too late to prevent, so we have to correct. Last night I had a “Acute Gout” episode or as the specialist called, “hyperuricemia”. The gout is something that causes little crystals to form on one joint or soft tissue. What this means? Well is like to have hundreds of little […]

From paper to 30,000 acre project

There was a man, a dreamer, like many of us, who got a great idea: To have a animated talking mouse. His name: Walt Disney. He was capable to transform a 2-D sketch into a 30,000 acre property. What he was? A Leader. John Maxwell gave the best definition of a Leader. Some one capable […]

To be, or not to be…. remarkable!

Here I am, I’m being away from blogin on the last couple of weeks, and I can tell that I’m being really busy, and write a long list of justifications of not writing, but the fact is that I haven’t write, and that is lack of commitment with myself, so starting today, I’ll try to […]

Numbers, Interest, Thinking and more…

In 2005, I bought a brand new Grand Caravan for Dora. At that time, our old Van, was ready for the junk and I owed more than 10 grand for that, because when I bought the Pontiac, I got a high interest rate (23%). So, they took my Pontiac, paid off my balance and I […]

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Yesterday was Jeff’s B-Day and he celebrated with his family and few friends. Jeff has been not only a great co worker, but also he is a great friend. He always cheers up others, listens patiently, and has great humor sense and a beautiful family. Happy Birthday Jeff!

A way to start 2008

The way you start your new year reflects what to expect for your whole year, so with my beloved one, we took a look on my teens bedroom and all can I said, it needed urgent intervention, in fact I had a picture I took one day they were on a run and left the […]