My visit to Busch Gardens was surprising, they had several shows related to Christmas, well, that shouldn’t’t be surprising, you can think, is the season… Yes, is the season, what was different was, that I have been at several places promoting Christmas, Santa, The elves, the deer’s and even Frosty, but when we speak about […]

On the Road…

When you see a picture like this, how can you said if it is a sunrise or a sunset? Tell me what you think is it. What is true is that only the one who was there knows what it were. Well, it looks like is vacation time. I’m taking few days with my family […]

See you later alligator… or the antenna hat rock!

On our way to Tampa we found a place called Gatorama and we decided to stop and to take a look inside. It was fun and a great experience, particularly my beloved one’s face while she was feeling a little gator in her hands… also I found that I started a great fashion with my […]

Corn or Wheat? Watermelon trees?

Since the beginning I planned this vacation trip to Tampa on a different way. We commonly jump in to the car and I start driving like on pursuit of a prize or something like that, arrive at our destination as soon as possible and that’s it… this time, I started driving slower than usual (even […]

An Evangelistic experience…

What are the experiences you’ll always remember? Those you experience the first time. I planned our trip to Tampa driving the I-27 to allow my daughter Paulina to experience real driving. What was interesting it was that Dora and my other daughters started praying… from the bottom of their heart, it was also a pray […]

A Waffle House… with no waffles?

Finally I started my family vacation, and to initiate my journey I got the Idea to get some waffles, orange juice, and some bread before a long day journey, so, if you are looking for a waffle breakfast, you go to Waffle House; Right? Wrong answer… we went to one of my family favorites places […]

Tuning into Christmas

Christmas is almost here! and I’m tuning in to the Christmas spirit. I got this antenna hat to get a better perception of what’s going on around. Christmas is all about what you want it to be. Do you want it to be about shopping? Do you want it to be about gifts? Do you […]

Live services from

Is almost Christmas, but at our Internet Campus Christmas already started with a service last Thursday, and today we will continue with two more services, one at 5 p.m. and other at 6:30 p.m.(Eastern Standard Time). Every service is broadcasted live and Pastor Brian is having a live participation on every service to introduce and […]

The Saints….

According to the Catholic tradition, all the Christian names have a saint, so when you baptize an infant you must give them one saint name to be accepted by the priest. All the saint names are distributed all over the 365 days of the Gregorian calendar and when a new saint is approved by the […]


Last Saturday, one of my daughter’s friend fell from a bunk bed and ended in the Hospital. Thanks God there was nothing bad, besides few bruises. My daughters told me that they prayed like never before in the life, they where worried for what happened, so we went to the Hospital. We all need encouragement […]