To understand the value of a year, just ask a student who failed one, to understand a month, ask to a mother who give birth early, to understand the value of a week, ask to the editor of “Weekly News” paper. To understand the value of a day, ask to the lovers are waiting to see each other. To understand the value of an hour, ask to a nurse who is taking care of medication at a hospital. To understand the value of a minute, ask a friend who lost the flight because he was one minute late. To understand the value of a second, ask a person who avoided a car accident, just for a second. To understand the value of a fraction of a second, ask to a runner pursuing to break a record… I can see how important is to understand the value of the time in our lives. Today I was awaken 20 minutes late… Come on… just 20 minutes, I just jump out of bed, and ran to check the live feed… already started. And I missed the recording of the Devotion first part, and I just started the day without my personal quiet time… from that minute until few moments ago, I ran all day long… on the morning, we had several technical difficulties, because during the night we experienced power outages, and caused the cameras to start failing. To explain this on simple words: One camera fails, all the system is down. So at some point all the equipment was crazy, the computer hanging, and we lost signal from two cameras… then another power outage, and we just where about to install the two battery backup for the cameras, and the only one who was working was off too… so we switched to the Mobile unit… (Thanks God we have it ready) and after several tests, we where able to be back on track… after that I was able to start looking at the videos and try to fix the lost morning video adding the scripture some music and then the video. I uploaded on YouTube and I went to pickup my daughters from school and to take them to seek a B-day present for my beloved angel, and trying to be back in time for the Naked Couch Chat… Finally I was able to have a little peace… so I’m going to bed now… and I’m sure, tomorrow I’ll be on time… here are some today’s pictures.

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  1. Hello Pastor Arturo

    How did your brother do in his surgical procedure today? I will pray for a speedy recovery and a complete healing and restoration.
    Joel Milian from
    Monday Nights Men’s

    P.S. When are you coming back and visit and share with us again.

    How are you tonight ?

    I hope BLESSED ! !

  2. you’re doing a good job arturo don;t worry so much. i hope you and dora take a long break after this you deserve it. thanks for following God and moving to Florida

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