Today I review my “to do” list at home and there was some pending tasks to be done. Paulina’s bed was broken and I needed to replace the base wood to fix it, also one of the kitchen drawers required some work, My daughters room needed a ceiling light, one of the baths needed some towel hangers… so “Labor Day” was a good day to take my to do list, and tackle it. I took some measures, I needed a large piece of 39 x 78 inches, and a small piece of 12 ½ by 4 ¾. I choose a panel and I took it to the cutting area, I gave the measures to the man who was doing the cuts and once I got my pieces, I’m used to check the measures and for my surprise, the small one it was 12 ¾ by 4 ¾ instead of 12 ½ I went back to the cutter, and he explained that it was close of the measure I requested, and he suggested me to use it just like that, I just laugh, and I just told him, sorry, but I’ll need this piece 12 ½ , no 12 ¾ . Then he told me “We are not allowed to do cuts smaller than 12 inches… I laugh again and told him… is 12…. and a half. He just mumble something, fixed it and gave it back to me, now with the measure of 12 ½. Finally I got my pieces, and Dora helped me to find some other things we needed, some 8-32 screws, and other hardware to accomplish my pending list. She grabbed a nice violet spray can to work some project for the little ones room and we went back home. When I placed the small piece on the kitchen drawer, it fitted right; another quarter inch would never allow me to fix the drawer.

Epilog: Precision is required to accomplish many task, we have to remember how important the little details are. May be for some one, a quarter inch is not relevant, but in order to put it back, either the bed base or the drawer piece, was required to be accurate. I fixed the bed, the drawer, installed the lamp and the bathroom hangers. Also we where able to eat some pizza, chicken wings and no one went to the Gym today… Tomorrow will be another day. This was my Labor Day!

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